Table of Contents
Trust & Confide in God
Godly Behavior
Evil Behavior
God's Direction
Seed Time & Harvest
Diligence Brings Rewards
God: The Answer to Everything
Ten Commandments
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Today's Meditation:


     Today, young people are challenged with moral and social issues that other generations did not face at least not at the current magnitude, and they are searching for answers. The Bible is an untapped resource that can reveal the answers to difficult situations people face daily.

     Life's Lessons, is a book designed to encourage adults, young adults, and children to read, discuss, and apply the Word of God to their everyday lives. It is composed of twelve chapters. Each chapter has exercises that are comprised of a Bible scripture and open-ended questions, which are to be discussed after meditating on the scripture.

     The appendix has two extra cards per scripture which can be given to the parties working the exercise (make copies if necessary). It is suggested that the scripture card be taken to school, work, or home to be meditated on and then be discussed by the adult/s and youth/s at a scheduled time (preferably once daily or weekly).

     The initial interpretation of scripture should be done in an environment that is non-judgmental. This way everyone is free to express how they understand the scripture. However, the final authority is the Word of God. This may also require further reading, so a good Bible concordance should be used.

     Finally, prayer is the key to unlocking any answer hidden in the Word of God. One must be diligent in searching out these answers. Families, adults, youths, groups, and community organizations can read, discuss, and learn how to apply God's Word to resolve the difficult lessons of life.

God Bless You,
Juanita H. Beauford